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Continuum model of actin-mediated bacterial propulsion
The mechanism of propulsion of host bacteria under the action of actin gel networks is examined by means of a continuum model of the dynamics of the F-actin concentration. The model includes the
Non-hermitean delocalization in an array of wells with variable-range widths
Nonhermitean hamiltonians of convection-diffusion type occur in the description of vortex motion in the presence of a tilted magnetic field as well as in models of driven population dynamics. We
Hopping with time-dependent disorder
We determine the propagation properties of a quantum particle in a d-dimensional lattice with hopping disorder, delta-correlated in time. The system is delocalized: the averaged transition
Spinless particle in rapidly fluctuating random magnetic field
We study a two-dimensional spinless particle in a disordered gaussian magnetic field with short time fluctuations, by means of the evolution equation for the density matrix $$; in this description