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Neutrino Decay as an Explanation of Atmospheric Neutrino Observations
We show that the observed zenith angle dependence of the atmospheric neutrinos can be accounted for by neutrino decay. Furthermore, it is possible to account for all neutrino anomalies with just
CP-Violating Phases in SUSY, Electric Dipole Moments, and Linear Colliders
We reexamine large CP-violating phases in the general Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model, as well as more restricted models. We perform a detailed scan over parameter space to find solutions which
Multilepton SUSY signals from R-parity violation at the Tevatron
The expected trilepton signals from $p \bar p \to \chi^\pm_1\chi^0_2 \to (\chi^0_1\ell^\pm\nu) (\chi^0_1\ell'^+\ell'^-) $ will be converted into hadronically quiet multilepton signals, if the two
Event shape criteria for single-lepton top signals
Single-lepton plus jets signals from $t\bar t$ production at hadron colliders generally give more spherically symmetrical events than the principal backgrounds from $W$ production. We show that
Collider Physics 1993
These lectures survey the present situation and future prospects in selected areas of particle physics phenomenology: (1) the top quark, (2) the Higgs boson in the Standard Model, (3) strong $WW$
Supersymmetric Unification: a mini-review of recent developments
Some recent results in supersymmetric grand unified theories are reviewed.