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Extracellular enzymatic activities of basidiomycetous yeasts isolated from glacial and subglacial waters of northwest Patagonia (Argentina).
As part of a project aimed at the selection of cold-adapted yeasts expressing biotechnologically interesting features, the extracellular enzymatic activity (EEA) of basidiomycetous yeasts isolatedExpand
Yeasts from an oligotrophic lake in Patagonia (Argentina): diversity, distribution and synthesis of photoprotective compounds and extracellular enzymes.
Nahuel Huapi (NH) Lake is an oligotrophic temperate lake of glacial origin with high transparency, surrounded by well-developed forests and located at San Carlos de Bariloche, Nahuel Huapi NationalExpand
Cryptococcus species (Tremellales) from glacial biomes in the southern (Patagonia) and northern (Svalbard) hemispheres.
Cryptococcus species (Basidiomycota) were isolated as the predominant yeast from glacial biomes of both Patagonia (Argentina) and the Svalbard archipelago (Norway). For a selected group ofExpand
Biodiversity of cold-adapted yeasts from glacial meltwater rivers in Patagonia, Argentina.
The occurrence of culturable yeasts in glacial meltwater from the Frías, Castaño Overo and Río Manso glaciers, located on Mount Tronador in the Nahuel Huapi National Park (Northwestern Patagonia,Expand
The diversity, extracellular enzymatic activities and photoprotective compounds of yeasts isolated in Antarctica
The diversity of yeasts collected from different sites in Antarctica (Admiralty Bay, King George Island and Port Foster Bay and Deception Island) and their ability to produce extracellular enzymesExpand
Yeasts from glacial ice of Patagonian Andes, Argentina.
Glacial ice and snow are known habitats for cold-adapted microorganisms. Research on cold-adapted yeast biodiversity from Perito Moreno and Mount Tronador glaciers (Patagonia, Argentina), andExpand
Sex in the cold: taxonomic reorganization of psychrotolerant yeasts in the order Leucosporidiales.
Species of Leucosporidiales are a group of psychrotolerant yeasts with biotechnological potential. In the present work, we studied the phenotypic, genetic and sexual characteristics of three speciesExpand
Cryptococcus agrionensis sp. nov., a basidiomycetous yeast of the acidic rock drainage ecoclade, isolated from an acidic aquatic environment of volcanic origin.
Seventy-one strains were isolated from the River Agrio-Lake Caviahue acidic aquatic environment in Argentina. Strains were isolated mainly from the most acidic section of the river (pH 1.8-2.7).Expand
Yeasts Occurring in Surface and Mouth Cavity of Two Chelonian Species, Podocnemis expansa Schweigger and P. unifilis Troschel (Reptilia: Chelonia: Pelomedusidae), in the Javaés River Border of
Thirty-eight specimens of free-ranging Podocnemis expansa (Amazon turtle) and 22 of P. unifilis (Tracajá) were screened for yeast isolation from surface (plastron, skin, and nails), eye, and mouthExpand
Wickerhamomyces patagonicus sp. nov., an ascomycetous yeast species from Patagonia, Argentina.
Eight strains of a novel yeast species were isolated from tree saps of 'Coihue' (Nothofagus dombeyi, Nothofagaceae) and glacial meltwater (Castaño Overo River) in the Nahuel Huapi National Park,Expand