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The Black Sea Ecosystem Changes Related to the Introduction of New Mollusc Species
Abstract. The unintentional introduction of the new mollusc species Rupunu rhomasiuna, Mya arenaria, and Scuphurcu inaequivulvis has become a significant reason for modern transformations of certainExpand
Creation of new varieties of comb-shaped wheat grass (Agropyron pectinatum (Bieb.) Beauv.) as a factor of increasing the efficiency of grass growing in arid conditions
Perennial grasses play the most important role in solving the problem of production of energy-saturated high-protein bulky feed and biologization of agriculture. Perennial grasses are the mostExpand
Dependence of specific production of marine invertebrates on their life span: An analytical model
Based on a general equation of dynamics of the stationary age structure population, an equation relating the specific production of animals (C) and their life span (tp) was deduced: C =-lnp/(tp −Expand
The Polychaete Polydora limicola in Benthic Communities of the Black Sea
Many papers dealing with nonindigenous species in the Black Sea do not mention the polychaete Polydora limicola Annenkova, a new invader in the Pontic-Azov Basin. In this connection, we will analyzeExpand
Estimating the Productivity of the Black Sea Bivalve Chamelea gallinafrom the Size and Biomass of Its Populations
Characteristics of annual production based on various mass data (whole animal mass; shell mass; and wet, dry, and ash-free dry soft tissue mass), the P/B coefficient, and specific production wereExpand