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The Atlantida 3.1_2014 Program for Earth Tide Prediction: New Version
The main distinctive features of ATLANTIDA3.1._2014, the first domestic program for the prediction of Earth tides, are discussed in comparison to similar programs of international authors, and someExpand
Operating experience with CG5 gravimeters
Results from a study of CG5 gravity meters are presented and ways of using these for reducing the error in field gravimetric surveys are discussed.
Measurements with the new GABL-M field ballistic gravimeter under tundra conditions
A new version of the Russian absolute field gravimeter GABL-M with a green Nd:YAG laser developed at the Institute of Automation and Electrometry of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy ofExpand
RFCAG2013: Russian-Finnish comparison of absolute gravimeters in 2013
Abstract In June–July 2013,we performed a comparison of five absolute gravimeters of different types. The gravimeters were the FG5X-221 of the FGI, the FG5-110 and GBL-M 002 of the TsNIIGaiK, theExpand
Monitoring Current Vertical Movements of the Northern Caucasus by Absolute and Relative Gravimetry
Measurements of the absolute acceleration of gravity g at seven sites in the Northern Caucasus region which form a reference network for gravimetric monitoring of vertical movements of the region areExpand
One Probable Cause of Synchronous Continental Microseisms in Northern Eurasia
The phenomenon of synchronous episodic increase in gravimetric noise at the stations distant by thousands of kilometers from each other is described. The comparison with microseismic noise suggestsExpand
Features of seismic wave travel along a coal pit wall
Triple gain of the maximum amplitudes or massif vibrations in a final phase of the consecutive blasting of groups of borehole charges during the propagation of a seismic blast wave outside the minedExpand
Absolute gravimetry and gravity gradients
The strict mathematical approach to the space reduction problem in gravimetry permits to solve it completely, that is confirmed by our experimental data. Repeated measurements of gravity gradientsExpand