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Sanctions and import substitution as exemplified by the experience of Iran and China
The problem of the effectiveness of external sanctions as an instrument of pressure on three states that have adhered to but have abandoned the course of self-reliance is considered. The constructiveExpand
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Africa: «The Rainbow Period» and Unfulfilled Hopes. Interview with Apollon Davidson, Academician of RAS
Academician Apollon B. Davidson is an outstanding Soviet and Russian expert in African history, British Studies, also known as a specialist in Russian Silver Age literature. He is an author of moreExpand
This article analyzes the general and the particular role of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) in the Eurasia integrationExpand
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The “ Moscow as the Third Rome ” Concept : Its Nature and Interpretations since the 19 th to Early 21 st Centuries 1
The authors seek to identify the main specific features of the “Moscow as the Third Rome” concept (Philotheus) and its later interpretations, geopolitical as well, in modern Russia. The historicalExpand
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The Prospect of the Relationship between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Saudi Arabia: Plausible Scenarios
Islamic republic of Iran and Saudi Arabia are identified as two effective countries in sub-region of the Persian Gulf, that the radius of their influence covers whole great region of the Middle East.Expand
Middle East in World War II
The author considers the role and importance of the region of the Middle East and North African theater of operations during World War II, not only the battles occured in the region are analyzed, butExpand