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Snakes of the World: A Catalogue of Living and Extinct Species
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The systematic relationships of the snake genus Anomochilus
Phylogenetic analysis of 38 skeletal characters, 12 muscular characters and 15 visceral characters in 17 major snake clades plus Anomochilus suggests that Anomochilus is the sister taxon of all otherExpand
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Systematics of the blindsnakes (Serpentes: Scolecophidia: Typhlopoidea) based on molecular and morphological evidence.
The blindsnake superfamily Typhlopoidea (Gerrhopilidae, Typhlopidae, and Xenotyphlopidae) is a diverse, widespread part of the global snake fauna. A recent systematic revision based on molecularExpand
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In praise of subgenera: taxonomic status of cobras of the genus Naja Laurenti (Serpentes: Elapidae)
4 corresponding author Abstract The genus Naja Laurenti, 1768, is partitioned into four subgenera. The typical form is restricted to 11 Asian species. The name Uraeus Wagler, 1830, is revived for aExpand
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A revision of the genus Leptotyphlops in northeastern Africa and southwestern Arabia (Serpentes: Leptotyphlopidae)
The species of Leptotyphlops in northeastern Africa and southwestern Arabia (i.e. between 18°N and 12°S and between 29°E and 52°E) are revised. Twenty-five species belonging to five species groupsExpand
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Global diversity of snakes (Serpentes; Reptilia) in freshwater
A list of the snake species inhabiting freshwaters is provided. It includes 153 species, which represents about 5% of all known snakes. These freshwater snakes belong to 44 genera distributed amongExpand
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Axial Bifurcation and Duplication in Snakes. Part I. A Synopsis of Authentic and Anecdotal Cases
A review is presented for 950 cases of dicephalism, axial bifurcation, and somatodichotomy in snakes, taken from the primary and secondary literature, museum specimens, press clippings, news reports,Expand
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A review of East and Central African species of Letheobia Cope, revived from the synonymy of Rhinotyphlops Fitzinger, with descriptions of five new species (Serpentes: Typhlopidae)
The genus Letheobia Cope 1869 is revived for the “worm-like blind-snakes” which were assigned to the genus Rhinotyphlops Fitzinger 1843 by Roux-Esteve in 1974 (her Groups IV to VII). LetheobiaExpand
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A new mid-altitude rainforest species of Typhlops (Serpentes: Typhlopidae) from Madagascar with notes on the taxonomic status of T. boettgeri Boulenger, T. microcephalus Werner, and T. capensis
We describe a new Typhlops species from mid-altitude rainforest (ca. 950 m elevation) of the Andasibe region in central eastern Madagascar. Typhlops andasibensis sp. nov. is a medium-sized speciesExpand
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