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Double blind comparison of meglumine iotroxate (Biliscopin), meglumine iodoxamate (Endobil), and meglumine ioglycamate (Biligram).
Two new intravenous cholegraphic agents, iotroxate and iodoxamate, hold a lower general toxicity, lower protein binding, and claim a higher rate of biliary excretion. Both compounds proved to beExpand
The effect of position of patient on the passage of metrizamide (Amipaque), meglumine iocarmate (Dimer X) and ioserinate (Myelografin) into the blood after lumbar myelography
Lumbar myelography was carried out with the contrast media Amipaque, Dimer X and Myelografin in 10 patients each and the results were interpreted as follow. Expand