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First record of Neolentinus lepideus f. ceratoides (Gloeophyllales, Basidiomycota) in Novosibirsk Region
Deviant form of wood-decaying basidiomycete Neolentinus lepideus was found in western Siberia, the rare sterile form N. lepideus f. ceratoides was found in the Novosibirsk Region. The description andExpand
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Morphological characteristics and molecular phylogeny of Disciseda hyalothrix (Gasteromycetes) from Altai Mountains, a new record to Northern Asia
Morphological characteristics and molecular phylogeny of the gasteroid fungus, Disciseda hyalothrix, and data on its localities, habitat and distribution are provided. This rare species of D.Expand
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New Record of Woldmaria filicina (Cyphellaceae, Basidiomycota) in Russia
This paper provides information on the new record of Woldmaria filicina in Russia. This rare and interesting member of the cyphellaceous fungi was found in the Novosibirsk Region of Western SiberiaExpand
Dynamics of fertility of typical deep chernozem depending on system of fertilizing and link of crop rotation
The purpose. To determine rational alternatives of fertilizer system and rotation of crops of grain-tilling link of 10-field crop rotation for preserving soil fertility, restoring the content ofExpand