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Midwater trawls and their operation
Influence of lunar periodicity on the size composition and abundance of penaeid prawns in stake net
Data on length frequency of penaeid prawns landed by stake nets during lunar periods were analysed to assess variations in size composition and seasonal abundance. The full moon phase had lower size
Evolution of an Improved Trawl for Traditional Motorised Craft
12.77 m two seam trawl net designed for operation from 8.40 m OAL dug out canoe with 11HP outboard engine was field tested and the results compared, with 14.00 m two seam trawl net commonly used in
One-boat midwater trawling with unequal panelled trawl
Out of the two nets, the latter proved to be relatively good for the capture of off bottom and column fishes like pomfrets, seer, lactarius, catfish, silver bar, ribbon fish and an increase of 84.4% in total catch was observed.
Development of electro-trawl system in marine environment
High voltage pulsed current produced on board a trawler is fed to electrodes distributed along the foot rope of a trawl net through two core TRS cable which builds up a homogeneous electrical field
Design and Development of the TED for Indian Fisheries
The incidental death of marine turtles has been reported to occur during mechanised fishing operations. Along the east coast of India, this problem has been aggravated by the rapid expansion of the
Advantages of Large Meshes in Midwater Trawl
The midwater trawl with large meshes proved to be comparatively more efficient for the capature of lactarius sp.