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Branching and pruning: An optimal temporal POCL planner based on constraint programming
A domain-independent formulation of temporal planning based on Constraint Programming is introduced that successfully combines a POCL branching scheme with powerful and sound pruning rules and is competitive with the best parallel planners in the special case in which actions have all the same duration. Expand
A Lookahead Strategy for Heuristic Search Planning
  • V. Vidal
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • 3 June 2004
This work presents a novel way for extracting information from the relaxed plan and for dealing with helpful actions, by considering the high quality of the relaxed plans in numerous domains, in a complete best-first search algorithm. Expand
Recording and Minimizing Nogoods from Restarts
In this paper, nogood recording is investigated for CSP within the randomization and restart framework. Our goal is to avoid the same situations to occur from one run to the next ones. MoreExpand
YAHSP 2 : Keep It Simple , Stupid
The idea of computing lookahead plans from relaxed plans and using them in the forward state-space heuristic search YAHSP planner has first been published in 2003. We show in this paper that thisExpand
HiPOP: Hierarchical Partial-Order Planning
A new planner, HiPOP (Hierarchical Partial-Order Planner), which is domain-configurable and uses POP techniques to create hierarchical time-flexible plans that follows the given methods. Expand
Reasoning from last conflict(s) in constraint programming
An original look-ahead approach that allows to guide backtrack search toward sources of conflicts and, as a side effect, to obtain a behavior similar to a backjumping technique is presented. Expand
Least commitment in Graphplan
An experimental study is presented which demonstrates that, in classical planning domains, LCGP solves more problems than planners from the family of Graphplan (Graphplan, IPP, STAN,… ). Expand
Adaptive K-Parallel Best-First Search: A Simple but Efficient Algorithm for Multi-Core Domain-Independent Planning
This work considers parallel versions of a best-first search algorithm that runK threads, each expanding the next best node from the open list, and shows that the approach is promising for parallel domain-independent, suboptimal planning. Expand
Nogood Recording from Restarts
Nogood recording is investigated within the randomization and restart framework to avoid the same situations to occur from one run to the next one and the total number of recorded nogoods is polynomial in the number of restarts. Expand
An Evolutionary Metaheuristic Based on State Decomposition for Domain-Independent Satisficing Planning
Results show that DAEYAHSP performs very well both on coverage and quality metrics, making it competitive with state-of-the-art planners. Expand