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Effects of travel distance and the season of the year on death rates of broilers transported to poultry processing plants.
The stress caused to broilers by transport to processing plants is reflected in higher transport-related mortality of the birds, and long-term trends point to an increase in death losses. Expand
Stress in broilers resulting from shackling.
It follows from the study that the optimal shackling period should be less than 60 s, and the act of shackling is a considerable traumatic procedure for broilers, and its stress effect is markedly dependent on duration of Shackling period that the broilers experience. Expand
Changes in selected biochemical indices related to transport of broilers to slaughterhouse under different ambient temperatures.
The results obtained indicate that pretransport handling procedures (catching, crating, and loading) may be more stressful for broilers than the transport itself, and to improve broiler meat quality, it is necessary to meet the need forbroilers to recover before being slaughtered. Expand
The quality comparison of eggs laid by laying hens kept in battery cages and in a deep litter system
The results of the experiment show that where vegetable protein was substituted for animal protein in the nutrition of laying hens, there were differences in the quality of eggs from laying he chickens kept in the deep litter system and eggs in the cage system. Expand
Differences in the amino acid composition of muscles from pheasant and broiler chickens
The results of amino acid composition of p heasant and broiler meat have proven a high nutritive value of pheasant meat in respect to human nutrition. Expand
Influence of Travel Distance and the Season upon Transport-induced Mortality in Fattened Cattle
The results indicate relatively low sensitivity of fattened cattle to stress during transport, which was reflected in transport-induced mortality. Expand
Growth intensity and carcass characteristics of fattened pheasant poults
Results concerning carcass parameters such as carcass yield and the yield of high-quality tissues (breast and thigh muscles) are very promising and the experiment showed that despite intensive fattening the pheasant poults did not accumulate abdominal fat. Expand
Haematological Profile of Broiler Chickens under Acute Stress Due to Shackling
Assessing the stress response of broilers to different periods of shackling proved that the preslaughter shackling induced considerable changes in haematological indices of both leukocyte and erythrocyte count in broilers and indicated a markedly increased level of stress effects. Expand
Mortality Rates in Poultry Species and Categories during Transport for Slaughter
Transport of poultry for slaughter was accompanied by varying mortality rates depending on poultry species and categories, with highest mortality rates in hens and cockerels, followed by turkeys and broilers. Expand
Nutritive composition of seeds of the lupin varieties registered in the Czech Republic.
The results of nutrient analyses of nine lupin varieties registered in the Czech Republic (Amiga, LAL, Oležka, APR 82, Boruta, Probor, Boregine, Bornal and Wodjil) are presented in this study. TheExpand