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Criticality for branching processes in random environment
We study branching processes in an i.i.d. random environment, where the associated random walk is of the oscillating type. This class of processes generalizes the classical notion of criticality. TheExpand
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Limit theorems for subcritical branching processes in random environment
Abstract Let ( Z n ) n ⩾0 be a branching process in random environment represented by a sequence of i.i.d. generating functions ( f n ) n ⩾0 . In the subcritical case, Elog f ′(1) n decaysExpand
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Limit Theorems for Weakly Subcritical Branching Processes in Random Environment
For a branching process in random environment, it is assumed that the offspring distribution of the individuals varies in a random fashion, independently from one generation to the other.Expand
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Branching processes. II
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A conditional limit theorem for a critical Branching process with immigration
The life period of a branching process with immigration begins at the moment T and has length τ if the number of particles μ(T −0)=0, μ(t)>0 for all T⩽t<T+τ, and μ(T+τ)=0 (the trajectories of theExpand
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