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Bioactive compounds in cashew nut (Anacardium occidentale L.) kernels: effect of different shelling methods.
In the present study, the effects of various conventional shelling methods (oil-bath roasting, direct steam roasting, drying, and open pan roasting) as well as a novel "Flores" hand-cracking methodExpand
Effect of soaking and hydrothermal processing methods on the levels of antinutrients and in vitro protein digestibility of Bauhinia purpurea L. seeds
Abstract The effects of various domestic processing methods such as soaking, cooking and autoclaving on the levels of certain antinutritional factors and in vitro protein digestibility of seeds ofExpand
Alternative Food/Feed Perspectives of an Underutilized Legume Mucuna pruriens var. Utilis—A Review
Mucuna pruriens var. utilis, an underutilized tropical legume has a nutritional quality comparable to soya beans and other conventional legumes as it contains similar proportions of protein, lipid,Expand
Nutritional and Antinutritional Characteristics of Seven South Indian Wild Legumes
Seeds from seven species of wild legumes of the South India were analyzed for proximate composition, mineral profiles, amino acid profiles of total seed protein, in vitro protein digestibility, andExpand
Nutritional and anti-nutritional attributes of the under-utilized legume, Cassia floribunda Cav.
Abstract Three germplasm seed samples of the under-utilized legume, Cassia floribunda Cav., collected from three locations of South India were analyzed for proximate composition, mineral profiles,Expand
Total free phenolic content and health relevant functionality of Indian wild legume grains: Effect of indigenous processing methods
Abstract In the present study, the total free phenolic content, antioxidant activity and type II diabetes-related enzyme inhibition properties of methanolic extracts of certain promising immatureExpand
Biodiversity in Indian Underexploited/Tribal Pulses
Pulses are an important source of proteins to the vegetarian and socio-economically weaker sections of the population. With rapid increase in population coupled with stagnation in pulses productionExpand
Comparative nutritional evaluation of little knownlegumes, tamarindus indica, erythrina indica and sesbania bispinosa
The seed samples of Tamarindus indica, Erythrina indica and Sesbania bispinosa were collected and analyzed for their chemical composition with a view to e...