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Shape of the vapor bubble upon explosive boiling
A relation for the shape of a vapor bubble forming during propagation of a vaporization front is proposed.
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Mössbauer spectroscopy of interlayer boundaries in magneto-noncollinear [57Fe/Cr]12/MgO(100) superlattices
Results are presented of Mössbauer analyses of [57Fe/Cr]12/MgO (100) superlattices. A combined approach was used, based on model calculations and a method of reconstructing the density distributionExpand
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Dynamics of explosive boiling of drops at the superheat limit
A physical model for explosive boiling of drops is presented. Loss of stability of the liquid-vapor interface results in occurrence of evaporation fronts. Their propagation in a metastable liquid isExpand
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Studying Impulse Response Peak Power Losses in a Satellite Communication Transionospheric Radio Channel with the Use of GPS/GNSS Data
The paper presents the findings of the research into the effects of frequency dispersion and impulse response peak power losses in a transionospheric radio channel depending on channel coherenceExpand
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