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Chiral purity of nucleotides as a necessary condition of complementarity
This work discusses the question about the role of chiral purity (homochirality) of nucleotides in the formation of complementary replicas. A qualitative answer to this question can be obtained fromExpand
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A possible description of the substates hierarchy in glass-like systems
Abstract A new approach to treat the substates hierarchy in complex biochemical and physicochemical systems (such as spin glasses, proteins, various biological objects, etc.) is proposed. ThisExpand
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Non-equilibrium generation of optical activity in solid 1,1′-binaphthyl
Abstract A phenomenological description of the spontaneous generation of optical activity in solid-state (R,S)-1,1′-binaphthyl is proposed. The description takes into account nonlinear kinetics ofExpand
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Nuclear magnetic relaxation of 3He in contact with an aerogel above the Fermi temperature
The spin kinetics of 3He in an aerogel has been studied above the Fermi temperature. The magnetic relaxation times T1 and T2 of adsorbed, gaseous, and liquid 3He in a 95% silica aerogel at aExpand
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On inherited fertility in biological systems: a model of correlated fluctuations in the stochastic branching process.
A new evolutionary model with hereditary modes considered as correlated fluctuations of fertility has been proposed. It has been demonstrated that the model allows the global statistical propertiesExpand
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Randomly affected monomolecular reactions
A general approach to the description of monomolecular reactions affected by random impacts has been developed on the basis of irreversible random transitions theory. Theoretical results derivedExpand
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General probabilistic approach to the problem of irreversible stochastic transitions
The consideration of irreversible stochastic transitions (IST) in complex stochastic systems based on the most general probabilistic formalism is performed. The key quality, transition probabilityExpand
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A systems approach to vacuum measurement methods
A general approach is presented to the methodological principles of vacuum metrology: methods of reproducing low-pressure scales and methods of calibrating and checking vacuum gauges and flow meters.Expand
Peculiarities of magnetic ordering in the S=5/2 two-dimensional square-lattice antimonate NaMnSbO4
An orthorhombic compound, NaMnSbO4, represents a square net of magnetic Mn2+ ions residing in vertex-shared oxygen octahedra. Its static and dynamic magnetic properties were studied using magneticExpand