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Symptom validity testing in memory clinics: Hippocampal-memory associations and relevance for diagnosing mild cognitive impairment
Memory clinic samples may include patients who show noncredible performance, which invalidates their MCI diagnosis, which underscores the importance of applying SVTs in evaluating patients with cognitive complaints that may signify a predementia stage, especially when these patients are relatively young. Expand
Pregna-D'-pentaranes - a new class of active gestagenes.
A new class of modified progesterones with an additional ring in the 16 alpha , 17 alpha-position (pregna-D'-pentaranes) are described and were found to exhibit a high progestational activity in the McPhail assay and also to be active in the pregnancy maintenance test in ovariectomized rabbits. Expand
[Protective action of estrogen-progestin preparations in reproductive function disorder from subtoxic doses of organophosphorus compounds].
Estrogen-progestin drugs, particularly infecundin, exerted a protective action in armine- and nibufin-produced abnormalities of the reproductive function and uterine tissue RNA content was studied experimentally. Expand
The influence of epinephrine and of strong electrical stimulation on the nucleic acids of rat liver.
The received data exposing the similarity of organic reactions to stimulation and to treatment with epinephrine indicate the significant participation of the sympathetic nervous system and of catecholamines in the development of these neurogenic dystrophies in liver. Expand
[The contraceptive activity of triterpene glycosides--the total sum of holotoxins A1 and B1 and holothurin A in an experiment].
The sum of triterpene glycosides of the Far Eastern holothurian Stichopus japonicus Selenka (holotoxins A1 and B1) possesses the contraceptive activity and the drug under study suppresses ovulation and stimulates the contractile activity of the uterus. Expand
Biological activity of transformed steroids. 22. Synthesis and progestagenic action of 16α,17α-cyclohexanopregn-4-EN-20β-OL-3-one
The main metabolites of progesterone are its 20$-hydroxy derivatives. Data on their biological activity in vivo and in vitro, according to binding with specific receptor proteins, indicate a reducedExpand
[Effects of verapamil and gynipral on the uterine contractile activity in rats].
Verapamil and gynipral administered to pregnant rats in doses on a clinical level suppress the uterine contractions, which is manifested by a decrease in the amplitude and frequency of theExpand
[Prolonged-action contraceptives].
Various aspects of injectable prolonged-action steroid contraceptives are reviewed with special emphasis on the effectiveness of depo- medroxyprogesterone (depo-provera) and norethisteroneExpand