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Preparation of novel ring-A fused azole derivatives of betulin and evaluation of their cytotoxicity.
An efficient scheme to synthesize novel ring-A fused heterocyclic derivatives of betulin was developed. The starting reaction of this synthesis was one-pot selective bacterial oxidation of betulin toExpand
Biotransformation of betulin to betulone by growing and resting cells of the actinobacterium Rhodococcus rhodochrous IEGM 66
Abstract The ability of Rhodococcus actinobacteria to transform betulin to betulone was proved and reported for the first time. Betulone, the product of regioselective oxidation of a 3β-hydroxylExpand
Triterpenoids with a Five-Membered a-Ring: Distribution in Nature, Transformations, Synthesis, and Biological Activity
The literature on the distribution in nature, structural variations, isolation, identification, and biosynthesis issues of triterpenoids with a five-membered A-ring was reviewed. The principal trendsExpand
Bioconversion of β-Sitosterol and Its Esters by Actinobacteria of the Genus Rhodococcus
The ability of pure cultures of Rhodococcus actinobacteria from the Ural Specialized Collection of Alkanotrophic Microorganisms (World Federation for Culture Collections accession number 768;Expand
Biotransformation of Oleanane and Ursane Triterpenic Acids
Oleanane and ursane pentacyclic triterpenoids are secondary metabolites of plants found in various climatic zones and regions. This group of compounds is highly attractive due to their diverseExpand
Functionalization, cyclization and antiviral activity of A-secotriterpenoids.
Triterpene derivatives with an α,β-alkenenitrile moiety in the five-membered ring A have been synthesized by nitrile anion cyclizations of 1-cyano-2,3-secotriterpenoids. Oxime-containing precursors,Expand
Synthesis, transformation and biological evaluation of 2,3-secotriterpene acetylhydrazones and their derivatives.
It has been previously shown that semi-synthetic A-secotriterpene acetylhydrazones of 1-cyano-28-methoxy-28-oxo-2,3-seco-2-norlup-20(29)-en-3-al andExpand
18-Succinyloxyabieta-8,11,13-triene as a new component from green shoots of the Siberian fir
A new diterpene derivative, 18-succinyloxyabieta-8,11,13-triene, was isolated from the acidic fraction of the extract from wood greens of a Siberian fir. The chemical structure of the molecule wasExpand
Synthesis of lupane and 19β,28-epoxy-18α-oleanane 2,3-seco-derivatives based on betulin
The α-hydroxyoximes of methyl betulonate and allobetulone were synthesized. Beckmann fragmentation of them produced the lupane and 19β,28-epoxy-18α-oleanane 2,3-seco-derivatives.