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Euclidean Clifford algebra
LetV be ann-dimensional real vector space. In this paper we introduce the concept ofeuclidean Clifford algebraCℓ (V, GE) for a given euclidean structure onV , i.e., a pair (V, GE) where GE is anExpand
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Multivector functions of a real variable
This paper is an introduction to the theory of multivector functions of a real variable. The notions of limit, continuity and derivative for these objects are given. The theory of multivectorExpand
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Multivector functionals
In this paper we introduce the concept ofmultivector functionals. We study some possible kinds of derivative operators that can act in interesting ways on these objects such as, e.g., theExpand
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Kinetics of the sphere-to-rod like micelle transition in a pluronic triblock copolymer.
The kinetics of the sphere-to-rod transition was studied in aqueous micelle solutions of triblock copolymer poly(ethylene oxide)-poly(propylene oxide)-poly(ethylene oxide) pluronic P103Expand
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Temporal evolution of the size distribution during exchange kinetics of pluronic P103 at low temperatures.
The micellar dynamics of many (PEO-PPO-PEO) triblock copolymers have been extensively investigated throughout the past decade using ultrasonic relaxation or temperature jump experiments. TheseExpand
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Ja n 20 05 Metric and Gauge Extensors
In this paper, the second in a series of three we continue our development of the basic tools of the multivector and extensor calculus. We introduce metric and gauge extensors, orthogonal metricExpand
Covariant Derivatives of Extensor Fields
A simple theory of the covariant derivatives, deformed derivatives and relative covariant derivatives of extensor fields is present using algebraic and analytical tools developed in previous papers.Expand
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Duality Products of Multivectors and Multiforms, and Extensors
In this paper we study in details the properties of the duality product of multivectors and multiforms (used in the definition of the hyperbolic Clifford algebra of multivefors) and introduce theExpand
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Covariant Derivatives on Minkowski Manifolds
We present a general theory of covariant derivative operators (linear connections) on a Minkowski manifold (represented as an affine space (M, M*) using the powerful multiform calculus. When a gaugeExpand
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