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Pareiasaurian Tracks from the Upper Permian of Eastern Europe
The first footprints and tracks of large terrestrial reptiles were discovered in the Late Tatarian depos- its in northern European Russia. The tracks were found in light gray thick-bedded limestoneExpand
New finds of Microphon exiguus (Seymouriamorpha, Kotlassiidae) in the Severodvinian beds of the Sukhona River Basin, Russia
New data on the morphology and ontogeny of the Permian kotlassiid Microphon exiguus Ivachnenko, 1983 (Tetrapoda, Seymouriamorpha), based on the collection from the Ust’e Strelny locality (Russia,Expand
The first gliding reptiles from the upper Permian of Russia
The finds of two new gliding reptiles from the Late Permian Kul’chumovo-A locality (Orenburg Region) suggest the climax state of terrestrial tetrapod communities of eastern Europe in the pre-Triassic Time, which resulted in the development of ecological niches not typical of earlier terrestrial vertebrate faunas. Expand
Protamines fractionation of sturine from Acipenser güldenstädti on carboxymethyl-sephadex C-25
Summary1. A convenient method of fractionating the mixture of sturines from the ripe gonads ofAcipenser güldenstädti on carboxymethyl-Sephadex C-25 has been proposed.2. The amino-acid composition ofExpand
New data on the morphology of permian gliding weigeltisaurid reptiles of Eastern Europe
The appearance in the Late Permian of specialized gliding reptiles, such as the Weigeltisauridae, is accounted for by climactic conditions of terrestrial vertebrate communities in the pre-Triassic time, which resulted in the penetration of tetrapods into new adaptive zones, in particular, forest biotopes. Expand
Laser-induced hydrodynamics in water-saturated tissue: III. Optoacoustic effects
Studied in this work are specific features of acoustic vibrations generated at the hot blackened tip of an optical fiber (the so-called hot tip) delivering moderate-power (1?10?W) CW laser radiationExpand
A New Oryctocenosis of the Aquatic Vertebrate Community from the Late Permian of Central Russia
In the Permian strata (Upper Tatarian Substage, Vyatkian Horizon, Scutosaurus karpinskii Tetrapod Zone, Chroniosuchus paradoxus Subzone) near the town of Gorokhovets (Vladimir Region), a locality ofExpand
Amphibians of the Permian Sundyr Tetrapod Assemblage of Eastern Europe
Amphibian remains from Sundyr-1 (Russia, Mari El Republic), the reference locality of the Sundyr Tetrapod Assemblage, are identified and described. The assemblage is assigned to the lower UpperExpand
Substantiation of validity of the Late Permian genus Weigeltisaurus Kuhn, 1939 (Reptilia, Weigeltisauridae)
The previously rejected genus of Permian gliding diapsids Weigeltisaurus Kuhn, 1939 is actually valid. The skull morphology of Weigeltisaurus is reassessed based on the holotype of the type speciesExpand
New data on the morphology of the Late Permian gliding reptile Coelurosauravus elivensis Piveteau
It is shown that C. elivensis and all weigeltisaurids lack the postfrontals and supratemporals and have a small preorbital fenestra between the maxilla and nasal, partially reduced lacrimal, and large nasolacrimal duct piercing the prefrontal. Expand