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Frequency-warped signal processing for audio applications
A methodology, frequency-warped digital signal processing, is presented in a tutorial paper as a means to design or implement digital signal-processing algorithms directly in a way that is relevant for auditory perception.
Splitting the unit delay [FIR/all pass filters design]
This work presents a comprehensive review of FIR and allpass filter design techniques for bandlimited approximation of a fractional digital delay, focusing on simple and efficient methods that are well suited for fast coefficient update or continuous control of the delay value.
Fifty Years of Artificial Reverberation
An improved parametric model for a spring reverberation unit is presented, which is currently mainly used for simplified geometries or to generate reverberation impulse responses for use with a convolution method.
Physical Modeling of Plucked String Instruments with Application to Real-Time Sound Synthesis
An efficient approach for real-time synthesis of plucked string instruments using physical modeling and DSP techniques is presented. Results of model-based resynthesis are illustrated to demonstrate
Principles of fractional delay filters
  • V. Välimäki, T. Laakso
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    IEEE International Conference on Acoustics…
  • 5 June 2000
An overview of design techniques and applications for digital fractional delay filters and their applications is given.
Plucked-string models: From the Karplus-Strong algorithm to digital waveguides and beyond
The emergence of what is called physical modeling and model-based sound synthesis is closely related to the development of computational simulations of plucked string instruments. Historically, the
Modeling of tension modulation nonlinearity in plucked strings
A nonlinear discrete-time model that simulates a vibrating string exhibiting tension modulation nonlinearity is developed and a method of reducing the computational load of the string elongation approximation is described, and a technique of obtaining the tension modulation parameter from recorded plucked string instrument tones is presented.
Accurate Cascade Graphic Equalizer
The proposed cascade graphic equalizer, which uses band filters whose interaction with the two neighboring filters at their center frequency is exactly controlled, is compared with previous designs and is shown to be the most accurate one.