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Comparative study of dynamical critical scaling in the auroral electrojet index versus solar wind fluctuations
Based on an analysis of auroral electrojet (AE) index data, we demonstrate that the temporal evolution of magnetospheric perturbations exhibits non-trivial power-law relations consistent with theExpand
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Scale‐free statistics of spatiotemporal auroral emissions as depicted by POLAR UVI images: Dynamic magnetosphere is an avalanching system
[1] We report first results from a spatiotemporal statistical analysis of ionospheric emissions as observed by the Ultraviolet Imager (UVI) onboard the POLAR spacecraft during 4 months of 1997 andExpand
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Low frequency 1/f-like fluctuations of the AE-index as a possible manifestation of self-organized criticality in the magnetosphere
Low frequency stochastic variations of the geomagnetic AE-index characterized by 1/fb-like power spectrum (where f is a frequency) are studied. Based on the analysis of experimental data we show thatExpand
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Longitudinally propagating arc wave in the pre‐onset optical aurora
[1] We present the first systematic observational evidence for a traveling periodic structure in the pre-onset optical aurora – the longitudinally propagating arc wave (LPAW) – associated withExpand
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Role of stochastic fluctuations in the magnetosphere‐ionosphere system: A stochastic model for the AE index variations
[1] A new stochastic model for the AE index variations is developed to investigate the role of stochastic fluctuations in the magnetosphere-ionosphere system. In contrast to pioneering stochasticExpand
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Structures in magnetohydrodynamic turbulence: detection and scaling.
We present a systematic analysis of statistical properties of turbulent current and vorticity structures at a given time using cluster analysis. The data stem from numerical simulations of decayingExpand
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Spatiotemporal scaling properties of the ground geomagnetic field variations
[1] The spatiotemporal scaling properties of the auroral region ground horizontal magnetic field fluctuations are investigated in terms of structure function analysis. First, the distorting effectsExpand
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The observed solar activity is believed to be driven by the dissipation of nonpotential magnetic energy injected into the corona by dynamic processes in the photosphere. The enormous range of scalesExpand
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Stable critical behavior and fast field annihilation in a magnetic field reversal model
Abstract We show that the Lu (Phys. Rev. Lett. 74(13) (1995) 2511) model, which is known to exhibit some properties of a system in self-organized criticality (SOC) [Lu, 1995; Klimas et al. (J.Expand
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Multiscale dynamics and robust critical scaling in a continuum current sheet model.
We analyze the self-organized critical behavior of a continuum running avalanche model. We demonstrate that over local interaction scales, the model behavior is affected by low-dimensional chaoticExpand
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