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Capital in the Twenty-First Century
There has been a growing debate in the West, recently, about whether we are witnessing the phenomenon of technological unemployment caused by increasing automation in all spheres of economicExpand
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Environmental aspects of integrated flood management
Integralno upravljanje poplavama je koncept usredotocen na spasavanje ljudskih života i smanjivanje steta od poplava kao i na pružanje podrske održivom razvoju okolisa sa stanovista upravljanjaExpand
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Bioefficacy of post-emergence herbicides in soybean
In soybean, weeds are controled by cultural, mechanical and chemical methods either alone or in combination of more than one methods. Weed management through manual weeding or hoeing althoughExpand
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International and national instruments and marine turtle conservation in India
Traditionally, the turtle has been considered the Kurma Avtar1 in Hindu Mythology. In fact the turtle’s carapace is believed to support the earth! The various yogasanaas2 also include theExpand
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Efficacy of early post-emergence herbicides against associated weeds in soybean
Soybean has emerged as a potential crop for changing the economical position of the farmers in India particularly in Madhya Pradesh. Although ecological condition of the state are congenial forExpand
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Changes in Protein Profile in Haemolymph of Bombyx mori Larvae in Response to Aloe vera Essential oil
The present study was undertaken to evaluate the total protein content in nistari race of multivoltine mulberry silkworm. The experiments were conducted with different amount of Aloe vera essentialExpand
An Assessment of the Productivity Behaviour during the Pre- and Post-liberalisation Era
This paper seeks to analyse the productivity performance of the Indian fertiliser industry during the pre-liberalisation (1973-1991) and post-liberalisation period (1992-2005). Using the growthExpand
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