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Nonlinear Effects in Plasma
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Elementary Physics of Complex Plasmas
1 Complex Plasma - Why It Is an Unusual State of Matter?.- 1.1 General Physical Differences Between Complex Plasma and Ordinary Matter.- 1.2 General Terminology in Complex Plasma and OrdinaryExpand
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Nonlinear effects in a plasma
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Gravitational equilibrium and the mass limit for dust clouds
We show the existence of a new class of astrophysical objects where the self-gravity of the dust is balanced by the force arising from shielded electric fields on the charged dust. The problem ofExpand
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Note on the charging and spinning of dust particles in complex plasmas in a strong magnetic field
Qualitative analysis of two new effects related to the influence of a strong magnetic field on the state of complex dusty plasmas is given. First, it is shown that the dust shape asymmetry, togetherExpand
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On the thermophoretic force close to walls in dusty plasma experiments
One observes in radiofrequency-heated vacuum chambers that dust, if present or being produced within the chamber, may float in layers close to both the upper and lower electrodes. Important forces onExpand
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From plasma crystals and helical structures towards inorganic living matter
Complex plasmas may naturally self-organize themselves into stable interacting helical structures that exhibit features normally attributed to organic living matter. The self-organization is based onExpand
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Complex plasmas IV: Theoretical approaches to complex plasmas and their application
This paper completes a series of reviews devoted to the physics of complex plasmas, in which one of the components (dust) is in a crystalline or liquid state, while the others (electron, ions, andExpand
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Theory of wave activity occurring in the AMPTE artificial comet
One of the main experiments of the Active Magnetospheric Particle Tracer Explorers (AMPTE) [J. Geophys. Res. 91, 10013 (1986)] satellite mission was the release of neutral barium atoms in the solarExpand
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Theory of dust voids in plasmas.
Dusty plasmas in a gas discharge often feature a stable void, i.e., a dust-free region inside the dust cloud. This occurs under conditions relevant to both plasma processing discharges and plasmaExpand
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