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Efficient Structural Joins on Indexed XML Documents
This paper proposes efficient structural join algorithms in the presence of tag indices using B+- trees and an enhancement based on sibling pointers that further improves performance, and presents a structural join algorithm that utilizes R-trees. Expand
On indexing mobile objects
A lower bound on the number of I/O’s needed to answer the d-dimensional problem is given and a practical approximation algorithm also in the dynamic, external memory setting, which has linear space and expected logarithmic query time is given. Expand
Approximating multi-dimensional aggregate range queries over real attributes
Finding approximate answers to multi-dimensional range queries over real valued attributes has significant applications in data exploration and database query optimization. In this paper we considerExpand
Comparison of access methods for time-evolving data
This paper compares different indexing techniques proposed for supporting efficient access to temporal data. The comparison is based on a collection of important performance criteria, including theExpand
On-line discovery of flock patterns in spatio-temporal data
The on-line flock discovery problem is polynomial and a framework and several strategies to discover such patterns in streaming spatio-temporal data are proposed and experiments show that the proposed algorithms are efficient and scalable. Expand
AsterixDB: A Scalable, Open Source BDMS
This paper is the first complete description of the resulting open source AsterixDB system, covering the system's data model, its query language, and its software architecture. Expand
Selectivity estimators for multidimensional range queries over real attributes
A new histogram technique is presented that is designed to approximate the density of multidimensional datasets with real attributes, and the experimental results show that the proposed techniques behave more accurately in high dimensionalities than previous approaches. Expand
On query result diversification
A general framework for evaluation and optimization of methods for diversifying query results is described, and the first thorough experimental evaluation of the various diversification techniques implemented in a common framework is presented. Expand
Broadcast scheduling for information distribution
This paper forms a deterministic dynamic optimization problem, the solution of which provides the optimal broadcast schedule, and proposes a suboptimal dynamic policy which achieves average response time close to the lower bound. Expand