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Comparative evaluation of horizontal accuracy of elevations of selected ground control points from ASTER and SRTM DEM with respect to CARTOSAT-1 DEM: a case study of Shahjahanpur district, Uttar
Digital elevation model (DEM) data of Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) are distributed at a horizontal resolution of 90 m (30 m only for US) for the world, Advanced Spaceborne Thermal EmissionExpand
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Hydraulic Performance of Drip Irrigation System with Municipal Wastewater
Generation of wastewater in huge amounts is putting a lot of pressure on irrigation engineers for its safe disposal or reuse in agriculture. Though wastewater could contribute to major and minorExpand
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Appraisal of long term groundwater quality of peninsular India using water quality index and fractal dimension
A review has been made to understand the hydrogeochemical behaviour of groundwater through statistical analysis of long term water quality data (year 2005–2013). Water Quality Index (WQI),Expand
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Performance of different filter combinations with surface and subsurface drip irrigation systems for utilizing municipal wastewater
Large volumes of wastewater (WW) are being generated worldwide as a consequence of rapid urbanization and growth of industries. The reuse of WW finds increased application in irrigation but theExpand
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Spatial Variability of Ground Water Quality in Mathura District (Uttar Pradesh, India) with Geostatistical Method
Groundwater is one of the major sources of water in arid and semi -arid regions. Groundwater quality data and its spatial distribution are important for the purpose of planning and management.Expand
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Hydro-morphometrical analyses of sub-himalyan region in relation to small hydro-electric power
The choice of site for small hydropower potentials in the inaccessible tracts of Himalayan region is a difficult task by the conventional methods. Present work suggests a site for developing aExpand
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Performance Evaluation of Subsurface Drainage System with the Strategy to Reuse and Disposal of its Effluent for Arid Region of India
Disposal of drainage effluent is a major issue associated with subsurface drainage system. Without proper disposal of drainage effluent, environmental problems may arise which may nullify theExpand
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Impact of municipal wastewater reuse through micro-irrigation system on the incidence of coliforms in selected vegetable crops.
The incidence of coliforms in soil and agricultural produce was evaluated in two vegetable crops, namely, cauliflower and eggplant, which were grown using wastewater for irrigation. Field experimentExpand
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Groundwater quality evaluation using numerical indices: a case study (Delhi, India)
Groundwater is one of the major sources of water in arid and semi-arid regions. Hence, its qualitative assessment and knowledge about spatial variations are important for the purposes of planning andExpand
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Biometric properties and selected chemical concentration of cauliflower influenced by wastewater applied through surface and subsurface drip irrigation system
Abstract The necessity of municipal wastewater reuse for irrigation has become imperative for water scarce countries. It is also supportive to limit the environmental pollution. Field experiment wasExpand
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