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Validation of a thermal bias control technique for Coda Wave Interferometry (CWI).
The Coda Wave Interferometry (CWI) analysis serves to monitor the variation of propagation velocity in a heterogeneous medium with high precision (10(-3)% in relative terms). Expand
Experimental evidence of rotational elastic waves in granular phononic crystals.
A generalized theory of elasticity, taking into account the rotational degrees of freedom of point bodies constituting a continuum, was proposed at the beginning of the twentieth century by theExpand
Study of stress-induced velocity variation in concrete under direct tensile force and monitoring of the damage level by using thermally-compensated Coda Wave Interferometry.
In this paper, we describe an experimental study of concrete behavior under a uniaxial tensile load by use of the thermally-compensated Coda Wave Interferometry (CWI) analysis. Under laboratoryExpand
Perfect and broadband acoustic absorption by critically coupled sub-wavelength resonators
Perfect absorption is an interdisciplinary topic with a large number of applications, the challenge of which consists of broadening its inherently narrow frequency-band performance. We experimentallyExpand
Limits of slow sound propagation and transparency in lossy, locally resonant periodic structures
We investigate sound propagation in lossy, locally resonant periodic structures by studying an air-filled tube periodically loaded with Helmholtz resonators and taking into account the intrinsicExpand
Nonlinear Hysteretic Torsional Waves.
We theoretically study and experimentally report the propagation of nonlinear hysteretic torsional pulses in a vertical granular chain made of cm-scale, self-hanged magnetic beads. As predicted byExpand
Acoustic modes propagating along the free surface of granular media.
In unconsolidated granular materials under gravity there exist acoustical waves propagating along the surface with anomalously low sound velocity. The presented theory describes these guided surfaceExpand
Self-demodulation of elastic waves in a one-dimensional granular chain.
The self-demodulation process in a nonlinear granular chain of identical beads is studied analytically and numerically. In such a medium, in accordance with the dispersion relation, longitudinalExpand
Acoustic probing of the jamming transition in an unconsolidated granular medium.
Experimentally determined dispersion relations for acoustic waves guided along the mechanically free surface of an unconsolidated granular packed structure provide information on the elasticity ofExpand
Nonlinear mixing of ultrasonic coda waves with lower frequency-swept pump waves for a global detection of defects in multiple scattering media
An ultrasonic method providing for an efficient global detection of defects in complex media (multiple scattering or reverberating media) is reported herein; this method is based on the nonlinearExpand