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Copepod communities in karstic mediterranean lakes along the eastern Adriatic coast
The copepod communities of karstic lakes along the eastern Adriatic coast were studied, finding that most of the meso-eutrophic lakes in the study area had Calanoida dominating, while Cyclopoida dominated in some oligotrophic and eutrophic lake groups.
Macrozoobenthos as an Indicator of the Level of the Trophy and Saprobity of Lake Jarun
During complex ecological investigations on Lake Jarun (and neighbouring interstitial underground waters) which took place in 1984 and 1985, macrozoobenthos was also studied. Its qualitative and
Chironomid (Diptera) larvae of the Butoniga reservoir, Istria, Croatia, and its feeder rivers
There were qualitative and quantitative changes in the composition of Chironomidae fauna in the River Mirna and in the river Butoniga downstream from the dam after water was released from the reservoir for the purpose of testing the dam.
Vertical distribution of Chironomidae larvae in the karstic travertine barrage Lake Visovac, Croatia
From April 1995. to October 1996. the benthic community of the karstic Lake Visovac, was studied with special reference to chironomids. By origin, Lake Visovac is travertine barrage lake, and
Copepod communities in karstic mediterraneanlakes along the eastern Adriatic coast
The copepod communities of karstic lakes along the eastern Adriatic coast were studied. Lakes were divided in several groups according to their morphology (deep, shallow, barrage and reservoirs),
Long-term changes of the trophic levels of the Butoniga reservoir (Istria, Croatia)
In the paper the results of the longitudinal research of trophic features of the Butoniga reservoir, situated in the middle of the Istria peninsula, will be presented. The research started in 1987,