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Corruption Around the World: Causes, Consequences, Scope, and Cures
Corruption is attracting a lot of attention around the world. This paper surveys and discusses issues related to the causes, consequences, and scope of corruption, and possible corrective actions. ItExpand
Public sector efficiency: An international comparison
We compute public sector performance (PSP) and public sector efficiency (PSE) indicators, comprising a composite and seven sub-indicators, for 23 industrialised countries. The first fourExpand
Corruption, Public Investment, and Growth
Up to the time when a huge corruption scandal, popularly labeled “tangentopoli” (bribe city), brought down the political establishment that had ruled Italy for several decades, that country hadExpand
Corruption, Public Investment, and Growth
Corruption, particularly political or “grand” corruption, distorts the entire decision-making process connected with public investment projects. The degree of distortions is higher with weakerExpand
The underground economy in the United States: annual estimates
  • V. Tanzi
  • Political Science, Geography
  • 1 June 1983
A method for molding a reinforced composite plastic structure to provide a roughened bondable surface over a portion thereof during the forming operation and which method includes molding aExpand
Tax Policy for Emerging Markets: Developing Countries
This paper discusses important tax policy issues facing developing countries today. It views tax policy from both the macroeconomic perspective, which focuses on broad questions such as the level andExpand
Public sector efficiency: evidence for new EU member states and emerging markets
In this article, we analyse public sector efficiency in the new member states of the EU compared to that in emerging markets. After a conceptual discussion of expenditure efficiency measurement, weExpand
L'economia sotterranea degli Stati Uniti: stime e implicazioni. (The underground economy in the United States: estimates and implications)
l'aticolo analizza l'aumento rilevante che l'economia sommersa ha assunto Stati Uniti e nel dibattito politico del paese. Poi si procede a stimare le dimensioni dell'economia sommersain base alla  laExpand
Income distribution determinants and public spending efficiency
This paper examines the impact of public spending on income distribution in OECD countries, paying attention in particular to the impact of the quality of education and public institutions. The paperExpand
Uses and Abuses of Estimates of the Underground Economy
ered valuable by at least a part of society (narcotics production and distribution, prostitution, gambling). These activities can be large in some countries and should be counted in the nationalExpand