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Laboratory Evaluation of the Geotechnical Characteristics of Wastewater Biosolids in Road Embankments
AbstractAn extensive suite of geotechnical laboratory tests were undertaken on wastewater biosolids to evaluate their sustainable usage as a fill material in road embankments. Geotechnical testsExpand
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Select chemical and engineering properties of wastewater biosolids.
The select chemical and engineering characteristics of biosolids produced at a wastewater treatment plant in Eastern Australia were investigated to assess its suitability as structural fill materialExpand
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Long-term settlement prediction for wastewater biosolids in road embankments
An innovative research study was undertaken to characterize the settlement characteristics of aged wastewater biosolids to facilitate its long-term settlement prediction when used as fill material inExpand
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Shear strength behaviour of recycled glassbiosolids mixtures
To enhance the shear strength properties of pure Fine Recycled Glass (FRG) and pure Biosolids (Bio), the innovative idea of blending these two materials was studied. The blended FRG-Bio material hasExpand
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Settlement behaviour of biosolids stabilised with bauxsol in road embankment
This paper presents a study on an innovative and effective use of biosolids from the waste water treatment plant in Melbourne, Australia. Biosolids is a treated sewage sludge consisting of untreatedExpand
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Stabilisation of biosolids with admixtures for potential use as an embankment fill material
Biosolids are an end product of the wastewater trea tment process and contain many of the constituents removed from the influent wastewater. This paper is based on a proje ct currently implemented inExpand
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Geotechnical laboratory testing of biosolids
Abstract Biosolids is the end product of the wastewater treatment process. An innovative research project on biosolids is currently being undertaken in Melbourne, Australia to characterize itsExpand
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Geotechnical testing to determine the suitability of biosolids for embankment fill
Biosolids are an end product of municipal wastewater treatment and contain many of the constituents removed from the influent wastewater. The use of biosolids and other waste materials in aExpand
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