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Exploring Hybrid Recommender Systems for Personalized Travel Applications
The recent research in the recommender systems domain has attracted many researchers due to its increasing demands in the real world. Expand
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SVD-based robust image steganographic scheme using RIWT and DCT for secure transmission of medical images
This study proposes a robust image steganographic approach that combines Redundant Integer Wavelet Transform (RIWT), Discrete Wavelet Transforms (DCT) and Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) and the logistic chaotic map. Expand
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Predicting movie box office success using multiple regression and SVM
This paper analyses the efficiency of using multiple linear regression and Support Vector Machine Classification to predict the box-office success of movies, while analysing the influence of variables like trailer views, Wikipedia page views, critic ratings and time of release. Expand
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Intelligent Travel Recommendation System by Mining Attributes from Community Contributed Photos
This paper purposes a system which helps user in finding tourist locations that he/she likes to visit a place from available user contributed photos of that place available on photo sharing websites. Expand
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Unstructured Data Analysis on Big Data Using Map Reduce
The proposed method is enhanced by using the techniques such as sentiment analysis through natural language processing for parsing the data into tokens and emoticon based clustering. Expand
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Fog computing-based intelligent healthcare system for the detection and prevention of mosquito-borne diseases
We use fuzzy k-nearest neighbor approach to classify the user into infected or uninfected class and improve the classification accuracy of F-HMRAS. Expand
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An Effective Approach to Rank Reviews Based on Relevance by Weighting Method
In this paper, we put forward a method to calculate review relevance, which is very important to rank reviews, has not been considered in the existing work. Expand
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Automated Message Filtering System in Online Social Network
In this paper, we propose a filtered wall to permeate offensive messages using rule based and text classification techniques. Expand
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An efficient control strategy of shunt active power filter for asymmetrical load condition using time domain approach
The article describes the current control scheme for Shunt Active Power Filter (SAPF) meant for setting up on a power system. Expand
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Data mining approach for subscription-fraud detection in telecommunication sector
This paper implements a probability based method for fraud detection in telecommunication sector by classifying the true fraudulent customers on the basis of subscription. Expand
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