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Theory of Generalized Annotated Logic Programming and its Applications
Abstract Annotated logics were introduced in [43] and later studied in [5, 7, 31, 32]. In [32], annotations were extended to allow variables and functions, and it was argued that such logics can beExpand
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Maintaining views incrementally
We present incremental evaluation algorithms to compute changes to materialized views in relational and deductive database systems, in response to changes (insertions, deletions, and updates) to theExpand
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Machine Recognition of Human Activities: A Survey
The past decade has witnessed a rapid proliferation of video cameras in all walks of life and has resulted in a tremendous explosion of video content. Several applications such as content-based videoExpand
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Flexible support for multiple access control policies
Although several access control policies can be devised for controlling access to information, all existing authorization models, and the corresponding enforcement mechanisms, are based on a specificExpand
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A logical language for expressing authorizations
A major drawback of existing access control systems is that they have all been developed with a specific access control policy in mind. This means that all protection requirements (i.e. accesses toExpand
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ProbView: a flexible probabilistic database system
Probability theory is mathematically the best understood paradigm for modeling and manipulating uncertain information. Probabilities of complex events can be computed from those of basic events onExpand
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Probabilistic Logic Programming
Abstract Of all scientific investigations into reasoning with uncertainty and chance, probability theory is perhaps the best understood paradigm. Nevertheless, all studies conducted thus far into theExpand
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Paraconsistent Logic Programming
This paper makes two contributions. Firstly, we give a semantics for sets of clauses of the form L0 ⇐ L1& ... &L n where each L i is a literal. We call such clauses generally-Horn clauses. Any suchExpand
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Query caching and optimization in distributed mediator systems
Query processing and optimization in mediator systems that access distributed non-proprietary sources pose many novel problems. Cost-based query optimization is hard because the mediator does notExpand
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Sentiment Analysis: Adjectives and Adverbs are Better than Adjectives Alone
To date, there is almost no work on the use of adverbs in sentiment analysis, nor has there been any work on the use of adverb-adjective combinations (AACs). We propose an AAC-based sentimentExpand
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