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RDX-based nanocomposite microparticles for significantly reduced shock sensitivity.
Cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine (RDX)-based nanocomposite microparticles were produced by a simple, yet novel spray drying method. The microparticles were characterized by scanning electron microscopyExpand
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Capacitance of the double electrical layer on the copper-group metals in molten alkali metal halides
The electrochemical impedance is measured to study the capacitance of the double electrical layer of metallic Au, Ag, and Cu as a function of potential and temperature in nine molten salts, namely,Expand
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Frequency dependence of potentials of minimum capacitance for electrodes of copper subgroup metals in alkali halide melts
The electrochemical impedance technique was use to obtain the potentials of the minimum capacitance of Cu, Ag, and Au electrodes in chlorides, bromides, and iodides of sodium, potassium, and cesium.Expand
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An anion effect on the separation of AgI-containing melts using sound waves
Abstract Sound velocities in molten ((LiF + AgI)) and ((LiBr + AgI)) mixtures have been measured to investigate the relationship between the sound velocity and the temperature and the role of theExpand
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Phase-boundary potential in the two-liquid-phase (AgI + NaCl) system
Abstract An electrochemical method has been developed for studying the Galvanic potential between two coexisting equilibrium phases of the molten (0.5 AgI + 0.5 NaCl) system. The method measures theExpand
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Sound Velocities for Dissolving AgI + LiCl Melts
The ultrasonic velocities of a molten stratified mixture at a molar ratio of 0.3AgI and 0.7LiCl (the composition corresponding to the top of the miscibility gap) were measured along the saturationExpand
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Density of stratified ionic melts: Experiment and theory
Densities of phases co-existing in molten ionic systems with partial miscibility out of halides of alkali metals (KBr, KI, RbBr, RbI, CsCl, CsBr, CsI) with lithium fluoride are determined in a broadExpand
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Capacitance of a polycrystalline silver electrode in Na, K, and Cs bromide melts
The differential capacitance of the polycrystalline silver-NaBr, KBr, or CsBr salt melt interface is measured. At high and medium ac signal frequencies, the potential dependence of the capacitance ofExpand
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