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Domain analysis of alpha-actinin reveals new aspects of its association with F-actin during cytokinesis.
alpha-Actinin is a rod-shaped actin cross-linking protein composed of actin binding domain, spectrin-like repeats of the central rod domain and the EF-hand domain. Cytokinesis in mammalian cellsExpand
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The Nitrosopumilus maritimus CdvB, but Not FtsZ, Assembles into Polymers
Euryarchaeota and Crenarchaeota are two major phyla of archaea which use distinct molecular apparatuses for cell division. Euryarchaea make use of the tubulin-related protein FtsZ, while Crenarchaea,Expand
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CoA synthase regulates mitotic fidelity via CBP-mediated acetylation
The temporal activation of kinases and timely ubiquitin-mediated degradation is central to faithful mitosis. Here we present evidence that acetylation controlled by Coenzyme A synthase (COASY) andExpand
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The Tumor Suppressor Cdkn3 Is Required for Maintaining the Proper Number of Centrosomes by Regulating the Centrosomal Stability of Mps1.
Supernumerary centrosomes promote the assembly of abnormal spindles in many human cancers. The observation that modest changes in the centrosomal levels of Mps1 kinase can cause centrosomeExpand
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Proper positioning of the cleavage furrow requires &agr;-actinin to regulate the specification of different populations of microtubules
Summary Proper positioning of the cleavage furrow is essential for successful cell division. The mitotic spindle, which consists of dynamic astral microtubules and stable equatorial microtubules isExpand
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The Greatwall kinase safeguards the genome integrity by affecting the kinome activity in mitosis
Progression through mitosis is balanced by the timely regulation of phosphorylation and dephosphorylation events ensuring the correct segregation of chromosomes before cytokinesis. This balance isExpand
Morphological Abnormalities of Betulinic Acid from Ziziphus Jujuba Against the Callasobruchus Chinensis (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)
Betulinic acid is a compound isolated from bark of Ziziphus jujuba. Betulinic acid,a triterpenoid. Betulinic acid exhibits a broad range of biological activities. It is an insect growth regulator, weExpand