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Groundwater loss in India and an integrated climate solution
1. Chidambaram, R., Curr. Sci., 2001, 81, 17–21. 2. http://www.teriin.org/themes/teriday/pdf/ 2-DarbariSethMemorialLecture2-Full.pdf 3. Srinivasan, M. R., Grover, R. B. and Bhardwaj, S. A., Econ.Expand
Environmental Flow for the Yamuna River in Delhi as an Example of Monsoon Rivers in India
With an eye on all the natural functions of a river, the present article considers the flow of the river Yamuna in Delhi as an example of monsoon rivers in India. About 80% of the total virgin flowExpand
A Natural Explanation for Magnetars
Neutron stars possess some of the strongest magnetic fields k nown in the universe. The surface magnetic fields of radio pulsars are estimated to be in the range 10 8 to 10 13 Gauss, with 10 12 GaussExpand
Planck scale physics of the single-particle Schrödinger equation with gravitational self-interaction
AbstractWe consider the modification of a single-particle Schrödinger equation by the inclusion of an additional gravitational self-potential term which follows from the prescription that theExpand
Environmental flow for Monsoon Rivers in India: The Yamuna River as a case study
We consider the flows of Monsoon Rivers in India that will permit the river to perform all its natural functions. About 80% of the total flow for Indian rivers is during the monsoon and the remainingExpand
Understanding the low magnetic field magnetar, SGR 0418+5279, from a magnetized core model
We consider the newly found low magnetic field magnetar, SGR 0418+5279, which exhibits flares, in the context of a model recently proposed by us in which magnetars owe their strong magnetic fields toExpand
Magnetar Crusts: Matter at $10^{15}$ Gauss
In this work we find that the at the high polar magnetic fields of magnetars, $B \sim 10^{14-15}$ G, the outermost crust ($\rho < 10^7$ gm/cc) of the star can become a transverse insulator and aExpand
The Effective Lagrangian Approach to the Proton-Spin Puzzle
The "proton-spin puzzle" is examined from the effective Lagrangian point of view. A generalized (to include "short distance" information) Skyrme model is shown to give a satisfactory picture. We thenExpand
Soliton with valence quarks in the chiral invariant σ-model
Abstract The chiral invariant σ-model is used to obtain bound states (solitons) of valence quarks. A hedgehog shape is assumed for the pion field. A soluble model is presented and compared to aExpand
Diversity sustains an evolving network
We study an evolutionary model of a complex system that evolves under catalytic dynamics and Darwinian selection and exhibits spontaneous growth, stasis and then a collapse of its structure. We findExpand