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Diversification of an emerging pathogen in a biodiversity hotspot: Leptospira in endemic small mammals of Madagascar
It is reported for the first time the presence of pathogenic Leptospira in Malagasy endemic small mammals, with an overall prevalence of 13%, and how biodiversity and biogeographical processes can shape community ecology of an emerging pathogen and lead to its diversification within native animal communities is investigated. Expand
A multidimensional approach for detecting species patterns in Malagasy vertebrates
A collaborative group of field and laboratory biologists employ a suite of methodological and analytical tools to investigate the vertebrate portion of Madagascar's fauna, and formulate hypotheses of species identity that serve as the foundation for subsequent studies of biology and history. Expand
Multiple Loci and Complete Taxonomic Sampling Resolve the Phylogeny and Biogeographic History of Tenrecs (Mammalia: Tenrecidae) and Reveal Higher Speciation Rates in Madagascar's Humid Forests.
The results resolve the relationships among previously recalcitrant taxa, illuminate the timing and mechanisms of major biogeographic patterns in an extraordinary example of an island radiation, and permit the first comprehensive, phylogenetically consistent taxonomy of Madagascar's tenrecs. Expand
Trophic Niche Differentiation and Microhabitat Utilization in a Species-rich Montane Forest Small Mammal Community of Eastern Madagascar
Results of stable isotope analysis suggest that in combination the differentiation of microhabitats and trophic niches explain the coexistence of small mammals in this community. Expand
A new species of Macrotarsomys (Rodentia: Muridae: Nesomyinae) from southwestern Madagascar
The region where M. petteri occurs is a unique transitional forest habitat that is under considerable threat from human-induced habitat degradation and steps need to be swiftly taken to protect the Forêt des Mikea. Expand
Anjozorobe hantavirus, a new genetic variant of Thailand virus detected in rodents from Madagascar.
Until now, there was only serological evidence that hantaviruses were circulating in rodents and infecting humans from Madagascar. To assess the presence of a hantavirus on the island, betweenExpand
Absence of Rift Valley Fever Virus in Wild Small Mammals, Madagascar
The role of wild terrestrial small mammals in the maintenance of RVFV in Madagascar, especially the nonnative, abundant, and ubiquitous black rats (Rattus rattus) is explored, as has been suggested in rural Egypt. Expand
Predation on Hapalemur griseus griseus by Boa manditra (Boidae) in the Littoral Forest of Eastern Madagascar
An incident of snake predation on the gentle bamboo lemur (Hapalemurgriseus griseus) is reported, which is believed to be the first report of its kind in the world. Expand
Review of the status and conservation of tenrecs (Mammalia: Afrotheria: Tenrecidae)
Tenrec research, monitoring and conservation should be integrated into broader sustainable development objectives and programmes targeting higher profile species, such as lemurs, if there are to see an improvement in the conservation status ofTenrec in the near future. Expand
Results of a biological inventory of the Nosy Ankao island group, Parc National de Loky-Manambato, northeastern Madagascar.
Un inventaire biologique a ete realise du 3 au 14 mars 2016 dans quatre iles de la commune d'Apisikinana, district de Vohemar: Nosy Ankao (365ha), Nosy Manampao (29ha), Nosy Ratsy (6ha) et NosiboronaExpand