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Real-time assessment of black carbon pollution in Indian households due to traditional and improved biomass cookstoves.
This work presents the first real-time in situ Black Carbon (BC) concentration measurements from five commercial ICs and a traditional (mud) cookstove for comparison, and reveals four significant findings about the tested stoves.
Transgenic rice expressing a codon-modified synthetic CP4-EPSPS confers tolerance to broad-spectrum herbicide, glyphosate
Highly tolerant herbicide-resistant transgenic rice was developed by expressing codon-modified syntheticCP4-EPSPS gene, which has the potential to be used for DSR (direct-seeded rice).
Kinetic modeling of tricarboxylic acid cycle and glyoxylate bypass in Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and its application to assessment of drug targets
  • V. Singh, I. Ghosh
  • Biology, Medicine
    Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling
  • 3 August 2006
BackgroundTargeting persistent tubercule bacilli has become an important challenge in the development of anti-tuberculous drugs. As the glyoxylate bypass is essential for persistent bacilli,
Race Profiling and Molecular Diversity Analysis of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. ciceris Causing Wilt in Chickpea
The majority of southern, northern and central Indian populations representing specific races of the pathogen were grouped separately into distinct clusters along with some other isolates, indicating the existence of variability in population predominated by a single race of the Pathogen.
Fusaric acid induced cell death and changes in oxidative metabolism of Solanum lycopersicum L
A concomitant increase in ROS production, the down regulation of antioxidative enzymes activities and upregulation of lipid peroxidation were crucial for the onset of cell death in FA-induced plant cell death.
Variational study of the constituents of cholesterol stones by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
The experimental results revealed that calcium was a major constituent of cholesterol gallstones, and the concentrations of sodium and potassium were higher in the non-pigmented (colored) part than in the pigmented part (discolored/pigment), which showed that the deficiency of Sodium and potassium was playing a key role in the formation of discoloration at the different locations on the outer surfaces of the cholesterol gallstone.
Distribution of improved cook stoves: analysis of field experiments using strategic niche management theory
Close to three billion people globally and over 800 million in India are dependent on direct combustion of unprocessed solid biomass fuels in inefficient traditional mud stoves. Current cooking