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HRM systems of Indian call centres: an exploratory study
This paper initially highlights the rapid growth in the call centre (CC) sector in developing countries like India. It then makes a case for the investigation of human resource management (HRM)Expand
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Comparative evaluation of 2.0-mm locking plate system vs. 2.0-mm nonlocking plate system for mandibular fractures — a retrospective study
IntroductionThe purpose of this retrospective study is to evaluate the efficacy of the 2.0-mm locking miniplate/screw system in comparison to the 2.0-mm nonlocking miniplate/screw system in mirrorExpand
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Phenotyping at hot spots and tagging of QTLs conferring spot blotch resistance in bread wheat
Spot blotch is a major foliar disease of wheat caused by Bipolaris sorokiniana in warm and humid environments of the world including South Asian countries. In India, it has a larger impact inExpand
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Software reliability growth model with change-point and effort control using a power function of the testing time
Many software reliability growth models (SRGMs) based on a non-homogenous Poisson process (NHPP) have been developed with the assumption of a constant fault detection rate (FDR) and a fault detectionExpand
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Analysis of Two Outbreaks of Scrub Typhus in Rajasthan: A Clinico-epidemiological Study.
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To describe the diversity of clinical manifestations, laboratory findings and outcome of scrub typhus in hospitalised patients of SMS Hospital, Jaipur during 2012 and 2013. Expand
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An innovation diffusion model incorporating change in the adoption rate
The innovation diffusion model proposed by Bass (1969) has been widely used in the literature and has found applications in several areas. The model categorises customers into two categories, namelyExpand
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Antioxidant effect of Triticum aestivium (wheat grass) in high-fat diet-induced oxidative stress in rabbits.
Wheat grass is used as a general health tonic and is reported to be effective against several medical disorders, although detailed literature is not available. Besides drug therapy, a number ofExpand
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In the present study total eight heavy metal resistant Pseudomonas sp were isolated from sewage of industrial effluents from waste water treatment plant of Paonta Sahib H.P. India, against chromium,Expand
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Assessment of genetic diversity in elite wheat genotypes using simple sequence repeat and quality protein markers
In this investigation, Genetic diversity (GD) analysis of forty two elite Indian wheat genotypes representing different agro-climatic zones of India was determined using set of sixteen STS and 36 SSRExpand
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