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Behavior of hard X-ray emission in discharges with current disruptions in the DAMAVAND and TVD tokamaks
Results are presented from studies of the behavior of hard X-ray emission in discharges with current disruptions in the DAMAVAND and TVD tokamaks. The current disruptions are caused by either an MHDExpand
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Hydrogen Spectral Line Shape Formation in the SOL of Fusion Reactor Plasmas
The problems related to the spectral line-shape formation in the scrape of layer (SOL) in fusion reactor plasma for typical observation chords are considered. The SOL plasma is characterized by theExpand
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Divertor stray light analysis in JET-ILW and implications for the H-α diagnostic in ITER
We report on the first results for the spectrum of divertor stray light (DSL) and the signal-to-background ratio for D-α light emitted from the far SOL and divertor in JET in the recent ITER-likeExpand
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Some characteristics of the predisruption phase in the Damavand tokamak
The time evolution of magnetohydrodynamic activity, charge exchange neutral particles spectra, the line emission of the impurities in the visible spectral range and soft x-ray radiation wereExpand
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Study of light and heavy impurities transport in OH and ECRH plasmas on the T-10 tokamak
First experimental results of tungsten transport investigation in OH and ECRH plasmas of the T-10 tokamak with W-limiter and movable Li-limiter are presented in this paper. It is shown that tungstenExpand
Photoelectron Plasma Diagnostics
The development of plasma diagnostics has been associated historically with the borrowing of methods and means of detection from other areas of physics: astrophysics, nuclear and atomic physics, ets.Expand
A photoelectron spectrometer for measurement of electron plasma temperature
Abstract Result of work on a photolectron spectrometer intended for the measurement of plasma electron temperature are described in this paper. The principle of its operation is based on the factExpand
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Experimental studies of the behavior of the ion plasma component during disruptive instability in a tokamak
Results are presented from experimental studies of the behavior of the plasma ion component during disruptive instability in the TVD and DAMAVAND tokamaks. It is shown that the ion temperatureExpand
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Statistical dielectronic recombination rates for multielectron ions in plasma
We describe the general analytic derivation of the dielectronic recombination (DR) rate coefficient for multielectron ions in a plasma based on the statistical theory of an atom in terms of theExpand
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