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Silicate–natrocarbonatite liquid immiscibility in 1917 eruption combeite–wollastonite nephelinite, Oldoinyo Lengai Volcano, Tanzania: Melt inclusion study
Primary silicate–melt and carbonate–salt inclusions occur in the phenocrysts (nepheline, fluorapatite, wollastonite, clinopyroxene) in the 1917 eruption combeite–wollastonite nephelinite at OldoinyoExpand
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Shulamitite Ca3TiFe3+ AlO8 - a new perovskite-related mineral from Hatrurim Basin, Israel
Shulamitite, ideally Ca 3 TiFe 3+ AlO 8 , is a mineral intermediate between perovskite CaTiO 3 and brownmillerite Ca 2 (Fe,Al) 2 O 5 . It was discovered as a major mineral in a high-temperatureExpand
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Trace-element partitioning in perovskite: Implications for the geochemistry of kimberlites and other mantle-derived undersaturated rocks
Abstract Perovskite is a common groundmass phase in many mantle-derived undersaturated rocks (e.g., kimberlites), serving as an important repository for rare-earth elements (REE), high-field-strengthExpand
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Can pyroxenes be liquidus minerals in the kimberlite magma
Clinopyroxene and orthopyroxene are generally rare in kimberlites, and believed to originate from disintegrated mantle and crustal xenoliths. We report occurrence of inclusions of low-Ca and high-CaExpand
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Mineralogy, geochemistry and petrology of the phonolitic to nephelinitic Sadiman volcano, Crater Highlands, Tanzania
Abstract Sadiman volcano is located in the Crater Highlands area of northern Tanzania, which lies next to the western escarpment of the Gregory rift—a part of the eastern branch of the East AfricanExpand
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Minerals of the pseudobinary perovskite-brownmillerite series from combustion metamorphic larnite rocks of the Hatrurim Formation (Israel)
Abstract Brownmillerite, Fe-perovskite, and two intermediate phases (Ca3Ti(Fe,Al)2O8 and Ca5Ti(Fe,Al)4O13) were found in combustion metamorphichigh-temperature larnite rocks of the Hatrurim Basin,Expand
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Djerfisherite in the Udachnaya-East pipe kimberlites (Sakha-Yakutia, Russia): Paragenesis, composition and origin
Djerfisherite, an unusual potassium- and chlorine-bearing sulphide K6Na(Fe,Ni,Cu)(24)S26Cl, is found in remarkably fresh rocks of the Udachnaya-East kimberlite pipe, including several varieties ofExpand
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