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Simulations of the Multipactor Effect in Hollow Waveguides With Wedge-Shaped Cross Section
Multipactor discharges in waveguides with wedge- shaped cross section are studied both analytically and by means of numerical simulations. It is shown that similar to the case of a rectangularExpand
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Abstract Thermal grooving at grain boundaries in Ni-rich NiAl was studied by atomic force microscopy technique. The determined average ratio of grain boundary to surface energy for large-angle grainExpand
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Reduction of the Multipactor Threshold Due to Electron Cyclotron Resonance
Single-surface multipactor on metal surfaces is studied in the case when the microwave electric field is superimposed on a dc electric and a permanent magnetic field. Based on a simple analysis ofExpand
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Microwave corona breakdown in a gas-filled rectangular resonator cavity
The threshold for microwave corona breakdown in a rectangular cavity is investigated using a direct variational approach. Good accuracy of the results is verified by a comparison with a fullExpand
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24-84-GHz gyrotron systems for technological microwave applications
During the last decade, a line of gyrotrons ranging in frequency from 24 to 84 GHz with the output power from 3 to 35 kW continuous wave, and a series of gyrotron-based systems have been developed byExpand
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Multipactor in a coaxial transmission line. II. Particle-in-cell simulations
The effects of nonuniform radiofrequency fields are analyzed for a cylindrical coaxial transmission line using a particle-in-cell code. The behavior predicted by the analytical analysis is confirmedExpand
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Conformal mapping analysis of multipactor breakdown in waveguide irises
Multipactor breakdown in a single waveguide iris is analyzed using the quasistatic approximation for the spatial distribution of the rf field in the iris. Based on the conformal mapping approach, anExpand
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Simulations of multipactor thresholds in shielded microstrip lines
A particular software 'MuSLi' has been developed and applied for simulations of the multipactor effect in shielded microstrip lines with cross-sections that are partially filled with dielectricExpand
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Simulations of multipactor in circular waveguides
Detailed numerical simulations have been done to investigate the properties of multipactor breakdown in circular waveguides operating in the propagating fundamental TE11 mode. Main attention has beenExpand
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