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Unreasonable Men: Masculinity and Social Theory
1. Introduction - Masculinity, Modernity and Social Theory 2. Nature 3. Reason 4. Morality 5. Freedom 6. Identity 7. Modernity 8. Experience 9. Feminism 10. Masculinity 11. Histories 12.Expand
Young Men and Masculinities: Global Cultures and Intimate Lives
* Preface and Acknowledgements. * 1. Introduction : Young Men and Masculinities * 2. Masculinities, Histories, Cultures and Religions. * 3. Listening, Speaking and Learning. * 4. Questioning Adam :Expand
Masculinities, Bodies, and Emotional Life
This paper explores relationships between men, bodies, and emotional life and the ways emotions are shaped within postmodern masculinities. Exploring examples of ways men narrate their lives, theExpand
Rediscovering Masculinity: Reason, Language and Sexuality
1. Introduction 2.Reason 3. Sexuality 4. Control 5. Change 6. Identity 7. Language 8. Strength 9. Intimacy 10. Conclusion Notes, Bibliography
Man Enough: Embodying Masculinities
Identities Authorities Aspects of Self Myths of Manhood Wounds Initiations Transitions Experience Language Emotions and Feelings Relationships Sexualities Responsibilities Spiritual Groundings
Transforming Masculinities: Men, Cultures, Bodies, Power, Sex and Love
Critically exploring the ways in which men and masculinities are commonly theorized, this multidisciplinary text opens up a discussion around such relationships, and shows that, as with feminisms,Expand
Recreating Sexual Politics : Men, Feminism and Politics
1. Introduction: Identity, Politics and Experience 2. Consciousness-raising 3. Feminism 4. Self-denial 5. Morality 6. Emotional Life 7. Work 8. Violence 9. Fascism 10. Therapy 11. Politics 12.Expand
Making Sense of Brexit: Democracy, Europe and Uncertain Futures
After the shock decision to leave the EU in 2016, what can we learn about our divided and increasingly unequal society and the need to listen to each other? This engaging and accessible bookExpand