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Synthesis and Photophysical Properties of Alkoxysilyl Derivatives of Dibenzoylmethanatoboron Difluoride
Alkoxysilyl derivatives of dibenzoylmethanatoboron difluoride (DBMBF2) are synthesized by the hydrosilylation reaction of the corresponding O-allyl derivatives of DBMBF2 with triethoxysilane. TheExpand
Gas Response Behaviour and Photochemistry of Borondiketonate in Acrylic Polymer Matrices for Sensing Applications
The fluorescent spectra in combination with gas response behavior of acrylic polymers doped with dibenzoyl(methanato)boron difluoride (DBMBF2) were studied by fluorescence spectroscopy andExpand
Structures and binding energies of the (dibenzoylmethanato)boron difluoride complexes with aromatic hydrocarbons in the ground and excited states. Density functional theory calculations
Structures of the (dibenzoylmethanato)boron difluoride molecule (DBMBF2) and its complexes with a series of aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene; toluene; o-, m-, and p-xylenes, naphthalene; anthracene;Expand
Fluorescence quenching of silica gel-adsorbed (Dibenzoylmethanato)boron difluoride by polar solvent vapor
(Diketonato)boron difluoride dyes have beenwidely studied in the context of their use as laser dyesand materials for nonlinear optics, as well as components of solar collectors and electronExpand
Fluorescence Spectra of (Dibenzoylmethanato)boron Difluoride Exciplexes with Aromatic Hydrocarbons: A Theoretical Study.
An approach is proposed for the quantum-chemical calculation of the structure and fluorescence spectra of exciplexes. The procedure involves the geometry optimization of exciplexes using the CISExpand
Model of the formation of dibenzoylmethanatoboron difluoride exciplexes with aromatic hydrocarbons on silica surface
Dibenzoylmethanatoboron difluoride (DBMBF2) is a fluorophore capable of forming exciplexes with benzene and its derivatives in solutions [1] or in the adsorbed state on the silica gel surface byExpand
Nitrogen-Containing Analog of Dibenzoylmethanate of Boron Difluoride: Luminescence, Structure, Quantum Chemical Modeling, and Delay Fluorescence
AbstractBoron difluoride of 3-amino-1,3-diphenyl-2-propene-1-onate (1) has been synthesized and its crystal structure has been determined. The comparative studies of 1 and its oxygen analogExpand
Assessment of TDDFT- and CIS-based methods for calculating fluorescence spectra of (dibenzoylmethanato)boron difluoride exciplexes with aromatic hydrocarbons
The applicabilities of various CIS- and TDDFT-based procedures to the calculation of the fluorescence spectra of DBMBF2 exciplexes with aromatic hydrocarbons are analyzed. It is shown that aExpand
Silica nanoparticles with covalently attached fluorophore as selective analyte-responsive supramolecular chemoreceptors
Silica core-shell nanoparticles with SiO2 cores and an alkoxysilyl derivative of dibenzoylmethanatoboron difluoride (A-DBMBF2) fluorophore covalently attached to the core surface have beenExpand
Synthesis and photophysical properties of halogenated derivatives of (dibenzoylmethanato)boron difluoride.
A series of (dibenzoylmethanato)boron difluoride (BF2DBM) derivatives with a halogen atom in one of the phenyl rings at the para-position were synthesized and used to elucidate the effects ofExpand