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J-dependence of the lineshift coefficients in the ν2 water vapor band
Abstract The nitrogen pressure shifting coefficients for the 150 water vapor lines in the ν 2 band have been measured with the Fourier transform spectrometer located at the Paris VI University withExpand
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Submillimeter-wave spectrum and spectroscopic constants of AsH3 in the (0100) and (0001) vibrational states and joint analysis of submillimeter and infrared data
Abstract The submillimeter-wave spectra of the arsine molecule in the excited vibrational states (0100) and (0001) have been investigated for both allowed R branches (J + 1 ← J, K ← K) andExpand
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Half-width temperature dependence of nitrogen broadened lines in the ν2 band of H2O
Abstract Forty-seven N 2 broadened water vapor line-widths have been measured in the 1845–2140 cm −1 spectral range with a Fourier Transform spectrometer in the 258–330 K temperature range at aExpand
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Development of n-body expansion interatomic potentials and its application for V
Abstract An improved accuracy in the description of base characteristics of the bcc refractory metals, including melting point and heat of fusion, with the help of atomistic simulation methods,Expand
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Analytical representation of the values describing the spectra of Td symmetry molecules and crystals
The isoscalar factors which determine both the qualitative and, to a great extend, the quantitative picture of spectra of the Td symmetry quantum mechanical systems have been obtained as analyticalExpand
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Calculation of vibration-rotation line intensities of polyatomic molecules based on the formalism of irreducible tensorial sets
Irreducible tensorial sets of the point-symmetry groups are used to determine the general formulae for calculating the matrix elements of the reduced dipole moment operator of a polyatomic molecule.Expand
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Physical Principles of Prediction of Heterogeneous Material Fracture
A general possibility of predicting the fracture of solids is revealed by the concept of fracture as a thermal activation process taking place in a mechanically stressed body and proceeding in timeExpand
J-dependencies of the lineshift coefficients for the ν2 water vapor band
Our paper is devoted to analysis of measured and calculated lineshifts pressured by nitrogen in the v2 band of the water vapor molecule, and especially to the rotational dependence of the lineshifts.Expand