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Comprehensive analysis by liquid chromatography Q-Orbitrap mass spectrometry: Fast screening of peptides and organic molecules.
A new analytical method was developed and validated for the simultaneous analysis of peptides and organic molecules using a single sample preparation and LC-Q-HRMS detection, and only FULL-MS/MS2 enables the detection of steroids and peptides at concentrations lower than the minimum required performance levels set by World Anti-Doping Agency.
Fasting Upregulates npy, agrp, and ghsr Without Increasing Ghrelin Levels in Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Larvae
It can be suggested that ghrelin is not an essential peptide for an increase in appetite in the zebrafish larva stage, and new questions about food intake regulation factors in the early stages of fish are given rise to.
Stimulant Doping Agents Used in Brazil: Prevalence, Detectability, Analytical Implications, and Challenges
The high prevalence of stimulant doping in Brazil can be attributed to several reasons, including “self-administration,” a “body-shaping” culture, and the use of nutritional supplements.
Is zebrafish (Danio rerio) a tool for human-like metabolism study?
It is demonstrated that adult zebrafish can absorb, oxidise, and excrete several metabolites in a manner similar to humans, which seems to be a very promising tool to study human-like metabolism when aiming to find analytical targets for doping control.
Doping control analysis at the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
This paper summarises the results obtained from the doping control analyses performed during the Summer XXXI Olympic Games (August 3-21, 2016) and the XV Paralympic Games (September 7-18, 2016). The
Zebrafish (Danio rerio) water tank model for the investigation of drug metabolism: Progress, outlook, and challenges.
The appropriate conditions, merits, and relevant limitations to conduct ZWT experiments for the investigation of drug metabolism are described, and hexarelin was used as a model to evaluate studies by ZWT for drugs with low stability.