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Analysis of Settled Dust in Homes and Fungal Glucan in Air Particulate Collected during HEPA Vacuuming
Six occupied single-family dwellings in Ottawa, Canada were subjected to weekly or bi-weekly professional cleaning using a HEPA filter-equipped vacuum cleaner and following a strict cleaning protocolExpand
Indoor- and Outdoor-Derived Contaminants in Urban and Rural Homes in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Comparisons of airborne concentrations of inflammatory compounds measured with dust mite allergens indicated that certain houses had relatively higher amounts of both kinds of materials, including endotoxin, fine particulate matter, and fungal glucan. Expand
Mechanisms of spectral shifts in lobster carotenoproteins. The resonance Raman spectra of ovoverdin and the crustacyanins.
Resonance Raman data have been used to elucidate the mechanisms of the absorption spectral shifts occurring for astaxanthin upon binding to the carotenoproteins, ovoverdin and alpha-,beta- andExpand
Excited state (excitation) interactions in polyene aggregates. Resonance Raman and absorption spectroscopic evidence
The carotenoids astaxanthin, lutein and zeaxanthin form high molecular weight aggregates in aqueous solvent systems. The absorption spectra of the aggregates, compared to those of the monomerExpand
Abstract The occupants of six houses suffered from symptoms which improved upon leaving their houses. In a previous study, tests were conducted in these six houses to measure various physicalExpand
On the detection of fingerprints by laser excited luminescence
Abstract Two surveys were carried out to determine the percentage of latent fingerprints detectable by their inherent luminescence under laser illumination. Less than one-fifth of 240 samples eachExpand
Achieving healthy indoor air. Report of the ATS Workshop: Santa Fe, New Mexico, November 16-19, 1995.
Raman spectra of solid perylene–TCNQ complexes
Resonance and pre-resonance Raman spectra are presented for the 1:1 and 3:1 solid complexes of perylene with tetracyanoquinodimethane (TCNQ). Selective resonance enhancement was observed forExpand