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Specific features in the behavior of rats with different genetic stability to stress
In the acute stress model, NISAG rats did not differ from stress-resistant outbred rats in the majority of the studied parameters, and their behavior became similar to that of rats with low resistance to stress.
[Effect of new derivatives of natural nitrogen-containing compounds on the level and metabolism of biogenic amines in brain structures and the life span of rats].
Effects of the analogs of transmitter amino acids on the level of biogenic amines and their metabolism in various structures of brain and on the life span of rats have been studied.
Physical Justification of an Increase in the Efficacy of Radiofrequency Systems for Myocardial Ablation
The article presents data on dependence of the myocardial electrical impedance on the temperature. These data have high clinical relevance because radio frequency energy-induced destruction of the
New technologies in treatment of atrial fibrillation in cardiosurgical patients
Patients with previous heart surgery were excluded during the selection of candidates for the procedure, due to the presence of adhesions in the pericardium, that do not allow good visualization of left atrium, sufficient to perform this procedure.
Antidepressant Activity of Aspartic Acid Derivatives
Antidepressant effect of 14-day administration of N-phenyl(benzyl)amino derivatives of aspartic acid and reference drugs maprotiline and citalopram was confirmed on the model of learned helplessness.