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Nine-parameter electrovac metric involving rational functions
An analytically extended nine-parameter family of the electrovac rational function solutions of the Einstein-Maxwell equations generalizing the Chen-Guo-Ernst class of hyperextreme spacetimes isExpand
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Generalizations of the Kerr and Kerr-Newman metrics possessing an arbitrary set of mass-multipole moments
The authors present in a concise analytical form two asymptotically flat metrics describing the superposition of the Kerr solution with an arbitrary static vacuum Weyl field which differ in theirExpand
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Exact solution of the double-Kerr equilibrium problem
We present concise analytic expressions for the Komar masses and angular momenta of the balancing Kerr-NUT constituents in the double-Kerr solution which complement the equilibrium formulaeExpand
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Exact Solution for the Exterior Field of a Rotating Neutron Star
A four-parameter class of exact asymptotically flat solutions of the Einstein-Maxwell equations involving only rational functions is presented. It is able to describe the exterior field of a slowlyExpand
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Six‐parameter solution of the Einstein–Maxwell equations possessing equatorial symmetry
The general asymptotically flat two‐soliton solution of the Einstein–Maxwell equations symmetric about the equatorial plane is considered herein. The complex potentials of this solution and theExpand
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Physical interpretation of the NUT family of solutions
We demonstrate by the use of Komar integrals that the aggregate mass of two semi-infinite sources which are present in the general family of NUT solutions is a negative nonzero quantity, while theExpand
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On a Simple Representation of the Kinnersley-Chitre Metric
A concise form of the Kinnersley-Chitre five-parameter metric for a spinning mass is obtained by exploiting a remarkable similarity between the metric’s factor structure and the analogous structureExpand
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Abstract The full metric describing a Kerr black hole in an arbitrary static and axisymmetric gravitational field is presented in a concise analytical form which allows a straightforward verificationExpand
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Double-Reissner-Nordström solution and the interaction force between two spherical charged masses in general relativity
The physical representation of the general double-Reissner-Nordstroem solution is obtained by rewriting the N=2 Breton-Manko-Aguilar electrostatic metric in the Varzugin-Chistyakov parametrizationExpand
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On the gravitational field of a mass possessing a multipole moment
A procedure is proposed for construction of the gravitational multipoles. The full metric is given in the case of a mass possessing a quadrupole moment.
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