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[Preparation of dihydrocarminomycin and a comparison of its antitumor activity with the activity of carminomycin].
Results from studies on mice with transplantable tumours showed high antitumor activity of dihydrokarminomycin against lymphosarcoma L10-1, sarcoma 180, Garding-Passy melanoma, lymphoid leukosis L-1210 and lymphocytalLeukosis P-388. Expand
[Formation of a new antibiotic, nocamycin, by a culture of Nocardiopsis syringae sp. nov].
Crystalline nocamycin had an antitumor effect and inhibited by 72--73 per cent the development of an intraperitoneally implanted lymphadenosis of strain NK/LI in mice. Expand
Experimental investigation of the influence of nonlinear effects on resonant microwave absorption in inhomogeneous plasmas
Nonlinear resonant interaction between the electromagnetic field of a TE01 mode and an inhomogeneous plasma column that intersects a rectangular waveguide perpendicularly to its narrow walls isExpand
[Antitumor activity of doxorubicin in the treatment of hemocytoblastosis La and various ascites tumors in mice].
Doxorubicin injected intravenously 4 times was shown to be highly active against the above ascites tumors and was inferior to rubomycin in terms of the therapeutic effect on leukemia La, however, on intraperitoneal injection of the drugsrubomycin showed no such advantage. Expand