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Chromosomal polymorphism and racial evolution of Sorex uruneus L. in Finland
Six chromosomal races with different combinations of arms, g, h, k, m, n, o, q and r were found to form chromosomes nos 3,5,7 and 8, suggesting that these races may have evolved from a common ancestral karyotype through a series of reciprocal translocations. Expand
Chromosome banding pattern in a polymorphic population of Sorex araneus from northeastern Finland.
The banding pattern of race C is presented and proposed as a basis for comparisons between chromosomal races of Sorex araneus and polymorphism was slightly more restricted than in another race C population investigated by Fredga. Expand
Multiple ocular coloboma (MOC) in snow leopards (Panthera uncia). Clinical report, pedigree analysis, chromosome investigations and serum protein studies.
A unique retinocolobomatous syndrome, the multiple ocular coloboma (MOC) is described in sixteen snow leopards belonging to the Helsinki Zoo pedigree, an example of a hitherto unknown type of familial malformations where the available evidence strongly points to nongenetic maternal influences or some external factor affecting all the fetuses in the same way. Expand
Chromosome numbers in the genus Formica with special reference to the taxonomical position of Formica uralensis Ruzsk. and Formica truncorum Fabr.
The chromosome numbers of the species Formica aquilonia Yarr., Formica uralensis Ruzsk. and Formica pressilabris Nyl. were all found to be n=26. The chromosome number of F. uralensis thus does notExpand